Stay Warm!

02-04-2022Letter from Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary’s,

Last week’s mega-storm certainly showed us that we do live in a climate that has extremes. I am glad that people were sensible and stayed in on Saturday as the storm raged and very cautiously emerged on Sunday. I am also glad that so many folks thought it was good common sense to close the church building all day last Saturday. The Storm clean up took a few days and our Town DPW worked very hard to make our roads and sidewalks as safe as possible. Thank you. Our private crew who does our property worked an unbelievable amount of hours to get things cleared as much as possible. Between using plows, front end loaders, shovels and ice melt our property got cleared. I hope you were able to get your driveways and sidewalks in good shape.

This is a brief letter. I just want to remind you that the Knights have re-scheduled to this weekend for offering details about joining and membership. They will be in the main lobby of the church after each Mass. I understand that the Saint Mary’s Women’s Club has a great evening planned for Thursday, February 17 at 7:00pm. Julie Ackles Frias will be the featured presenter. She is from Life Expressions Décor. Please see our website for details or contact Rose O’Koren at

I was so happy to learn that many who stayed home from weekend church services watched our Mass on live-streaming found on our website. We live-stream every weekend Mass. In so many ways all these advancing technologies offer us so much for our Parish and our community of faith.

Yes, this letter is brief. So I end by thanking you for your faithful generosity to our Parish and our holy work and Mission. I remind all of you we also are blessed by our special patron Saint Rocco, Intercessor for the ill. May he particularly intercede for our young who suffer in mind, body or soul.