05-20-2022Letter from Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

During this wonderful season, we all take delight in congratulating our young and (even older) people who are graduating from school. Completing educational or vocation programs is a major achievement in life. For most folks, this is the closing of a chapter of special growth and starting a new chapter in life. For some of the graduates, they will continue on to higher education whether it be a Bachelor’s Degree or a Graduate Degree and for some a specialized learning for a skill or role, and also for others it will mean their first “job”  in their chosen profession or work area and in addition for others, it is an advancement in their work position.

All these graduations mean that many parishioners are beginning a new role in life. Our life has many endings and many beginning throughout our entire life. Life is constantly changing, many times for the good and sometimes, unfortunately for the bad. What can carry us through all these changes is our faith in Jesus Christ. We all need a North Star in life to navigate daily living and Jesus can be that star that shines a light on our footsteps. We may not always know where we are going, but we can walk forward with the Light of Christ to guide us.

Nominations are in for the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) and the Committee is communicating with the various nominees to ascertain if they accept the role. By next weekend the public list will be available for folks to see. There will be “poster boards” in church with a name, picture, and a “blurb” from each nominee. The election is the first weekend in June. We will also have the nominees’ pictures and the blurb on our website.

Our “ZOOM” Rosary begins its 3rd year this season. You are most welcome to join this special Prayer Group. It is on Mondays at 7 PM. Details to join the group are found on our website (stmarysfranklin.org). The Men’s Faith Formation Group will have its final meeting on Saturday, May 21st at 8:45 AM in person in Sacred Heart Hall or via ZOOM. All men are welcome in person or via ZOOM. Our website has all the details for joining this Program. The Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus will be sponsoring a Blood Drive in June. See the bulletin for details.

This is a reminder that the Noon Mass after this weekend (Sunday, May 22) will be going on hiatus (it will not be celebrated) until the Sunday after Labor Day. Attendance drops to 40 or less at this Mass on the hot days of summer. This season folks are off about at many events and the attendance takes a big nose dive as various schools close for the summer.

Our Saint Vincent de Paul is very appreciative of your faithful and constant support of their charitable services. Your financial assistance and re-stocking of their Food Pantry provides tremendous help to the needy and vulnerable. I, also, am most appreciative of your financial support of Saint Mary Parish. You are all well aware of how prices for everything have risen so dramatically. Your utilities and costs are now quite higher and on a much larger scale, our parish buildings’ utilities and costs are stratospheric. Your generous and faithful assistance whether online (best accessed: stmarysfranklkin.org) or by mail-in or drop-by envelopes or your contributions in the collection baskets at the doors of the church when you come to Mass are helping our parish. I thank you.

As May is the month of Mary, we invoke her assistance in living our faith through the difficult and good times of today. We know that Saint Rocco, Healer, and our Special Patron intercedes for those who are ill, especially our young.
God bless,
   Father Brian