Confirmation Program Overview

Grade 8

The age for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation will be lowered from the age of 16 years old (10th or 11th grade) to the ages of 13-14 years old (8th grade).  The Archdiocese feels that this change will “strengthen the participation of young people and their families in the life of faith in Jesus Christ lived out in our parishes, schools, and communities.”

Grade 8—Students will complete a one year Confirmation Program using the textbook Confirmation: Believe-Celebrate-Live by Sadlier Publishing Company. Students will come to in-person classes every three weeks. The in-person classes are mandatory for Grade 8 students. They will also join the other Confirmation students at two in-person group meetings. The Confirmation date in Fall 2025 has not been determined yet.

Grades 9 + 10

The Confirmation Program at St. Mary’s Church is a one year program for students entering Grade 9 and a two year Program (one year left)—Confirmation 1 + Confirmation 2 for students entering Grade 10. The structure of the program will emphasize remote learning so that students can complete the assignments at their own pace.  It also allows for more parent involvement. This opportunity stresses that Confirmation Preparation is much more about “faith formation”.

Confirmation Preparation Program Requirements

Grade 9

The students will complete twelve chapters of the Decision Point (published by Dynamic Catholic) textbook. This will be broken into six chapters each half (semester) of the year. Students complete the reading and watch the appropriate videos. All questions are to be completed on the worksheets they will receive with their book. 

Grade 9—Chapters 1-6  (September—December)
Grade 9—Chapters 7-12  (January—April)

Grade 10

Confirmation 2 (Grade 10)—Chapters 7-9  (September—December)
Confirmation 2 (Grade 10)—Chapters 10-12  (January—April)

In December and April we will send out dates that the students are able to come in and turn in their completed work in person. 

Two group meetings will be held for all Confirmation students--one during each semester.  Guest speakers will present these classes and more information will be provided as they are scheduled.

Confirmation for Grades 9 + 10 will be held in the Spring of 2025.  The date has not been determined.

Private School Students are not required to do the bookwork. They are however, required to do the Community Service. They are more than welcome to come to the in-person classes.

Community Service Requirement

Each semester we are asking the students to do four “nice things” for someone other than themselves and their families. This is a simpler version of Community Service—no points, no hours, just good deeds!!  Please think “outside of the box” when deciding what to do.  Please use the “Community Service Submission Form” to submit their Community Service.