Confirmation Preparation Program Requirements

Each year the students will complete six chapters of the Decision Point textbook.  This will be broken into three chapters each half (semester) of the year.  Students complete the reading and watch the appropriate videos.  Complete all questions in each chapter.

Confirmation 1 (Grade 9)—Chapters 1-3 (September—December)
Confirmation 1 (Grade 9)—Chapters 4-6 (January—April)

Confirmation 2 (Grade 10)—Chapters 7-9 (September—December)
Confirmation 2 (Grade 10)—Chapters 10-12 (January—April)

At the end of each “semester” please scan the pages that you completed and submit to

If you would rather take them out of the book and send them in, they can be dropped in the black mailbox on the office building or mailed to:
St. Mary’s Religious Education Office
201 Main Street
Franklin, MA  02038

Two group meetings will be held for Confirmation 1 and Confirmation 2—one at the beginning of the year and one at the end. Dates and more information will be made available soon.

Community Service—students are asked to do community service by their schools, as well as, so many organizations they belong to.  This year we are trying to simplify that for the students.  Each semester we are asking each student to do three nice things for someone other than themselves and their families.  They can document what they did on the form below.  Our hope is that this is a simpler version—no points, no hours, just good deeds!!  We do hope they will think “outside of the box”.  Please you the “Community Service Submission Form” to send in the community service.