The Beauty of the Christmas Crib

12-18-2020Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary’s

This past Sunday, the Third Sunday in Advent is called “Gaudete Sunday” in Latin and in English it is the command to “Rejoice”. This name is because the Feast of Christmas, the Birth of Jesus Christ is only slightly more than one week away. This year is certainly different for this wonderful celebration for all of us, both religiously and personally. The ways that we cherish and treasure Christmas have to be transformed or suspended for this year. However, the meaning of the Incarnation of God made Flesh still remains for us and can inspire and motivate our lives. The beauty of the Christmas Crib can warm our hearts during these coming days and also provide light for our steps and journey during this coming New Year of 2021.

I am repeating the Christmas Schedule for you to make it as easy as possible for you to know it. Remember that Cardinal Sean has continued the Dispensation for Mass for all of us at any age and also that he, along with myself, advise you to be cautious in making a decision to return to Sunday Mass. Common sense should be used. Perhaps for many of us, this would be a great gift to get for Christmas!!!

You may choose one of the three ways which our Parish will be able to offer your heart to the Christ Child in the Crib:

  1. You may choose to come to Mass and receive Communion at the Crib in front of the Christ Child in the front of the Church/Chapel.
  2. You may choose to come to the Outdoor Crib and receive Communion in front of the Christ Child. You need just to walk up, receive and leave.
  3. You may choose to watch one of our Masses on live-stream (best accessible here and make a spiritual communion. All Masses will be live-streamed.

Christmas Eve & Day Schedule

Christmas Eve MassCommunion Only Outside at Crib
1:00pm Mass Main church & down (on screen)1:00-2:15pm
3:00pm Mass Main church & down (on screen)3:00-4:30pm
6:00pm Mass Main church & down (on screen)6:00-7:30pm


Christmas Day MassCommunion Only Outside at Crib
7:30am Mass Main church & down (on screen)7:30-9:00am
10:30am Mass Main church & down (on screen)10:30am-12:00pm

I am most appreciative of your generous response to the Saint Vincent’s and the work of their members. I think we are all aware of the financially perilous condition of many member of our Town and Parish are in due to the Pandemic. Thank you for helping them. I also am most appreciative of your financial support of the holy work of Saint Mary’s. Your giving via online, through the mail or drop off has been generous and faithful.

I hope that the grace and light of Christ the Newborn will fill your hearts this coming Feast Day of Christmas.

God bless
Father Brian