Mother's Day

05-06-2021Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

This Sunday we honor our mothers and those who have been mothers to us in our lives. We are blessed that our Parish is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. We ask that with gentle care and love our God will hold our mothers who have gone before us close to His heart and that He will grace and bless those who are still with us in our lives.

What a delight this past Sunday was when at the NOON Mass twenty-seven young children made their First Communion. These special Masses will continue this weekend and for the following two weekends. It is a grace and privilege to be the Priest who offers the young children the Body of Christ for the first time. I am proud of them and also ask that you remember them in your prayers. Congratulations to the children and to their parents. When we complete these Noon Communion Masses, we will then go to a modified summer Mass Schedule: Saturday at 4 PM and Sunday at 7:30 and 10:30 AM. This schedule will launch the weekend of May 29-30. This is Memorial Day Weekend when we usually have very low attendance. The Noon Mass will return in the Fall. Attendance at the Noon Mass had been averaging 40 people pre-First Communion Masses. Attendance at all the other Masses was continuing to grow, but the NOON Mass has remained stuck at this count and also the attendance at this Noon Mass has always dipped down significantly in the summer. At present at the four Masses which we hold, our attendance is slightly over four hundred people. We are blessed that folks participate via our Live-Streaming. All of our weekend Masses are always Live-Streamed. We are now accepting Mass Intentions for the Monday through Friday 7 AM Mass starting with Intentions for Monday, May 17th at 7 AM Mass. The easiest way to arrange a Mass Intention is by using our Parish website. You may also call (508-528-0020 extension: 11), but you may have to wait a few days to get a call back. I guess I would say that the office world including Parish Offices has greatly changed in terms of communication (internet and email) and the better way to communicate with us on many matters is to use the Parish website.

The best way to learn about any information about Masses, events or activities  or else to obtain a Mass Intention or Record at Saint Mary’s or even to make a contribution is to go to our Website ( As I mentioned above, the best communication or seeking of parish, church or spiritual information is to use our parish website and then proceed to where you need to go. It is all at your fingertips, this is a much easier and better way than the past.

I appreciate all those who are able to volunteer and assist in church at Mass and at the various other ministries and services which we are presently providing. Thank you to all of you who contribute financially to our Parish and also to the Saint Vincent’s. I am also appreciative of those of you who have stepped forward and pledged/given to Cardinal Sean’s Archdiocesan Annual Appeal. We have an assessment that we must meet or end up paying so I appreciate your personal financial support.

As you are well aware most weeks I have an almost two page letter. This week, by God’s good grace, this letter will be less than one page.

Enjoy the coming warmer and sunnier weather.

And God bless…
Father Brian