06-03-2022Letters From Fr. BrianRev. Brian F. Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,
Eke! I made a date error in last week’s letter. The Special Town-wide Prayer Service and Vigil for the people of the Ukraine is on Sunday, June 12 at 5 PM on the Town Common. Please note that this is the correct day, date and time. I apologize for my error. Please plan to come and participate in the early evening hour Vigil. Song, Hymns, Reflections and Prayers will be part of our special Vigil.
This weekend Parishioners are electing four new members to our Parish Pastoral Council (PPC). You can fill out a ballot in church or you may also do so from our website (stmarysfranklin.org). This Council advises me on our Parish Mission and Vision and gives particular advice on some practical items. They also engage in listening with all Parishioners so that they may representative a wider point of view in their insights and advice for the pastoral good of our entire Parish.

You are invited to attend a Meeting for Synodality as requested by Pope Francis in our parish hall on the lower level of the church on Monday night, June 13 from 7 PM until 8:15 PM. This “Listening Session” will be led by Michael and Louann Swan. They are our Parish Representatives for this program. Everyone is welcome. Please come and share your insights and answers to the special questions we have been asked to discuss.
Just a reminder; Our Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus are sponsoring a Blood Drive on Saturday June 11 in the Sacred Heart Hall on the lower level of our church building. Please consider participating in this most needed work of charity and mercy. Please see our website for sign up and all other details.

This Sunday at the 10:30 Mass there will be some of our young ones receiving their First Communion. Due to illness and allied matters, these young folks were unable to be part of the May First Communions. Let us pray for them and also especially for their parents to be faithful and active models of our faith for them in their daily lives.

I am glad that summer has arrived and I encourage you to enjoy this beautiful season of the year. Sun light late into the evening and the warm air certainly make life a little easier to live. Without the hassle of bitter cold air, dangerous ice and early darkness we all seem to be able to find life a little better, or at least easier to carry our responsibilities or burdens. Make sure you start now to take time for family and friends. If you keep waiting for the future for the time for the special people in your life, it usually does not happen.

I am most grateful to those of you who continue to support our Parish and our Saint Vincent de Paul. The holy work of our parish continues because of you and also the works of charity of the Saint Vincent’s are possible because of your generous aid in Pantry items and also financial support. I personally thank you.
The month of May ended this past week, a month dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. We continue our prayers and petitions to her as she is our special Parish Patroness. We also invoke the intercession of Saint Rocco, Saint and Healer to bring god’s healing grace upon our sick, especially our young.
God bless,
   Father Brian