The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

06-11-2023Pastoral ReflectionsRev. Robert A. Poitras

Thank You for your warm welcome!

Dear Friends, it is an honor for me to be joining the great community of faith of St. Mary’s Parish in Franklin, MA. I want to first thank each of you for your very warm welcome. Your kind expressions by email, the warm greetings at our liturgies last week and weekend and the great signs of welcome posted all around the parish property. All of these expressions of welcome have made my transition as comfortable as possible. Thank You!

I begin my ministry as the 14th Pastor of St. Mary’s on some of our most beautiful Solemnities. Last weekend was the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity and this weekend as we celebrate the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, Corpus Christie. These two Solemnities draw my attention to the importance of a holy community. Trinity Sunday reminded us that, to be a holy community is to live in the community of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. A community that practices Faith, Hope and Love is a holy community. This Corpus Christie, we are reminded how the true presence of Christ in the bread and wine nourishes us with the very life of God. The Body and Blood of Christ prepares us for the work of a holy community.

The faith community of St. Mary’s in Franklin has been the fruit of the hard work of the many good shepherds that have come before me. 13 good shepherds to be precise. Beginning with Fr. James Griffin in 1877 and continuing with Fr. Brian Manning of most recent memory, each of these fine priests have helped shape and mold the beautiful faith community of St. Mary’s we all know today. I am gratefully aware that I stand on the solid foundation of the hard work these great priests have accomplished.

I’m blessed to have been given this assignment and look forward to the ways God will work between you and I, as we begin together and continue the good work of building a community of faith, hope and love. A holy community. I look forward to listening to you, our parishioners of St. Mary’s, to craft a good and clear vision of the direction we will travel together in building our faith community. This is not my project, it’s our project. Join me in making it our prayer, that God will Bless all of us with the gifts we will need to bring His Good News to the community of Franklin, MA and beyond.

Peace and Blessings,

Fr. Bob