Happy Second Sunday of Easter!

04-12-2023Pastoral ReflectionsFr. Brian Manning

Dear Parishioners and Friends of Saint Mary Parish,

We are blessed at Saint Mary Parish with many, many generous parishioners who give of their time, talent and treasure to make our Sacred Celebrations during Holy Week profoundly spiritual and uplifting. Our Staff worked very diligently and thoughtfully to make sure that the materials which are needed for our Masses and Services were well designed and prepared for us. Our Staff also prepared our worship space to be worthy of the sacred celebrations which we would offer this Holy Week. There are many volunteers involved such as those who prepared and decorated the sanctuary, those who prepared the sacred linens for the altar, those who led us in song, those who participated in our outstanding choir, those who assisted as Eucharistic Ministers and those who proclaimed the Word of God as Lectors etc.

We must also acknowledge those who faithfully give financially to support our church and services which are for the benefit of everyone who attends and participates. Some of the roles and work of Holy Week are public or easy to figure out; however, much of Holy Week preparation and execution takes place out of view of anyone. On behalf of all the Parishioners and myself, I express deep gratitude to those who stepped forward in the various different ways to make our Holy Week 2023 a deeply spiritual and religiously enriching experience for all of us.